A leap year. 366 works of art. A simple task. This is Project 2004 which ended up with 578 artworks, exhibited at Galleria 42 in Modena in January 2005.
You may read more about it here. Each month has a video that shows all the artworks in sequence.
These videos were edited in 2008 and shown in Shanghai for the project Intrude 366.
During the project most works were for sale. This is no longer the case, so please disregard the Paypal logo.
You can check on www.buy.stefanopasquini.net if the item you like is on sale there.

You may find there is more than one object in a given day. That's the price to pay for creativity.

We're talking quantity here.


Uno due tre per le vie di roma 1st January 2004
Durata 30 minuti 2nd January 2004
Untitled 2nd January 2004
No Fun 2nd January 2004
Frustration 2nd January 2004
Objet Trouvé 3rd January 2004
One drinks too much 4th January 2004
WH Smiths wax crayons 4th January 2004
Mozart 5th January 2004
Untitled 5th January 2004
Coperta 5th January 2004
When are you going to grow a mustache? 5th January 2004
Ten minutes to go 6th January 2004
Uh 6th January 2004
Keep an eye 6th January 2004
Was it a pear 6th January 2004
In reality 7th January 2004
A laptop foot 8th January 2004
Montebugnoli 9th January 2004
Child 9th January 2004
Trip 9th January 2004
Silver Dust 9th January 2004
Like everyone else 9th January 2004
The Four Pillars 10th January 2004
Our Medici 10th January 2004
Temperato 10th January 2004
Untitled 10th January 2004
The First Model 10th January 2004
The One with the Hat 10th January 2004
Leaving on a Jet Plane 11th January 2004
Move Over 11th January 2004
Kores 11th January 2004
The interchangeable collage 11th January 2004
Turn me round 12th January 2004
Waiting in line @ the post office 12th January 2004
Drawing a portrait with soy sauce in my soup 12th January 2004
Pratoex 13th January 2004
Ansaloni 14th January 2004
50 Euro boredom drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom architecture drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom architecture drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom drawing 14th January 2004
Boredom drawing 14th January 2004
D-art.it 14th January 2004
Darth.it 14th January 2004
Vlc.exe 14th January 2004
Maxirena Mozart 15th January 2004
Rocket Hulk 15th January 2004
Monterotondo 15th January 2004
Trousers 16th January 2004
Tooth and pan 17th January 2004
Massé 18th January 2004
Pened 19th January 2004
Droste effect version 9.06.03 20th January 2004
Twins 21st January 2004
Un pò tipo O, copiando A. 22nd January 2004
Ok, mi arrendo, 23rd January 2004
The wedges are plotted by the number of... 24th January 2004
Daniel Buren 25th January 2004
The Lost Button 25th January 2004
The system changes 25th January 2004
La causa di questa implosione 25th January 2004
L'introduzione sul mercato di artisti più giovani 25th January 2004
No smoking house 26th January 2004
Buoni comande a due copie 27th January 2004
Blood Ship 27th January 2004
Amanda would not exhibit 27th January 2004
Mango Tower 28th January 2004
Spam Pills (Swing by - Refrain) 29th January 2004
Dipinto da Elia nel bar del Sesto Senso 30th January 2004
Then you get bored 31st January 2004

Negative 1st February 2004
Go Go Ga 1st February 2004

Pestabile-Choupolvosis 1st February 2004
Cat 1st February 2004
Portrait of a Vulcanian 1st February 2004
Hard to save 2nd February 2004
Natalija's Hat 2nd February 2004
Untitled Face 2nd February 2004
Ten Euro Sculpture 3rd February 2004
Impermeabile Indeformabile 3rd February 2004
Milano Flash Art Fair 3rd February 2004
Too much business, too many cards 4th February 2004
Arte Fiera 4th February 2004
The Home Made Collezioni Edge (Vol. 128) 5th February 2004
Allora c'e' Giuseppe? 6th February 2004
Harry 7th February 2004
Watercolor Inspired by an A. Hitchcock movie 7th February 2004
Scultura già fatta 8th February 2004
Ariete 9th February 2004
FP, her again 9th February 2004
Le Scimmie di Mare 9th February 2004
Not much 9th February 2004
N-R Lady 9th February 2004
Organic Jim 9th February 2004
Quite a Boring Drawing 9th February 2004
Square Root 9th February 2004
Sweet Lucy 9th February 2004
Tinkerbell 9th February 2004
Tuna 9th February 2004
Unexpected Day 9th February 2004
Zenobio 9th February 2004
Headache 10th February 2004
Too Small 11th February 2004
Taroni Bag for F700 12th February 2004
Liberare il Saggio 13th February 2004
Dan's Ring got Broken 14th February 2004
Goodnight 15th February 2004
No 64848 16th February 2004
Ciao Mauro 16th February 2004
The Throwover 17th February 2004
Postcard to Innocy 17th February 2004
Terra 18th February 2004
Spmain 19th February 2004
Project for a 7.50 Euro Sculpture 20th February 2004
Poser 21st February 2004
Coloring a Yuichi Harada Mr. Spock on... 22nd February 2004
Memory Teatable 23rd February 2004
Bertinotti sees the first leather football 24th February 2004
VCD-AVI 25th February 2004
Looking for the spot where you got lost 25th February 2004
Almost Unshowable 26th February 2004
La Vacanza 27th February 2004
Aperto Pomposa 27th February 2004
Neve 28th February 2004
Seven Questions 28th February 2004
Bertozzi & Casoni Snc. 29th February 2004

Another Landscape 1st March 2004
Watercolor Battle 2nd March 2004
Fra Pioggia e Vento 3rd March 2004
DSCF1350.AVI 4th March 2004
Dragoni Russo - Countdown 4th March 2004
McPois 5th March 2004
Dreamworld 6th March 2004
Outsider Art 6th March 2004
You're not inventing anything 6th March 2004
Strange Saint 6th March 2004
I broke a plate, my love 6th March 2004
Gran Misano Adriatico 6th March 2004
Fucking Hell 6th March 2004
Strange Long Watercolor 6th March 2004
Genova 2004 7th March 2004
Monster 7th March 2004
Really? 7th March 2004
Il vino di Tonino 8th March 2004
'a campagna 8th March 2004
Etichette di Tonino 9th March 2004
Still trying to jump on your boat 10th March 2004
It's all art 11th March 2004
Untitled Photograph 12th March 2004
Once I was an artist 13th March 2004
Don't play with me 14th March 2004
Elefante Visani 15th March 2004
Kozyra Pages 15th March 2004
Documentazione 16th March 2004
Disappearing Che 17th March 2004
Real Artist Certificate 18th March 2004
Non ce n'è più per nessuno 18th March 2004
La Strage 18th March 2004
Alice Volta 18th March 2004
Senza Titolo 3 19th March 2004
Between the glass and the sky 20th March 2004
The Naked Boy 20th March 2004
Someone else's work 20th March 2004
Maurizio's Spoon 21st March 2004
The ceiling over Natalija 22nd March 2004
Week-end in Trento 22nd March 2004
Untitled Photograph good for Il Carlino 23rd March 2004
Hard to tell Dog 24th March 2004
Franklin & his son 25th March 2004
Lighting Intrecciano 26th March 2004
Untitled (Black Spot) 27th March 2004
Good Morning 28th March 2004
Untitled 29th March 2004
Car 29th March 2004
Image of a sculpture that looks a lot like... 30th March 2004
Coffee Face 31st March 2004

L'anima del vino 1st April 2004
Hole 1st April 2004
The two salesmen 2nd April 2004
918 3rd April 2004
Michael 4th April 2004
Il matto 4th April 2004
Aprire con cautela 5th April 2004
Changing an Ikea display 5th April 2004
Dxe 6th April 2004
Tom 7th April 2004
Figa 7th April 2004
Ikea 5.15 Euro sculpture 7th April 2004
Claudio Guarino 8th April 2004
Untitled (Lampshade) 9th April 2004
Untitled (Processione) 9th April 2004
Untitled (Oven) 10th April 2004
Untitled (Stefano) 10th April 2004
Best Framed 11th April 2004
Stop 12th April 2004
Untitled (Signs) 12th April 2004
Sphistory 13th April 2004
Unwritten Manifestos 14th April 2004
Or on the contrary do you think... 14th April 2004
The style of a conceptual artist 14th April 2004
Is your work comparable to the one... 14th April 2004
Expect Nothing 14th April 2004
Mona Lisa in a motorcycle gang 14th April 2004
Yellow Forehead 15th April 2004
One day Yes One day No 16th April 2004
Change Order 16th April 2004
Light 17th April 2004
Untitled (Penone) 18th April 2004
Filming Fantin 19th April 2004
Framing Lex (1.50 Euro Artwork) 20th April 2004
Project for the Painting of a Sculpture 21st April 2004
Darkness Chronicles 22nd April 2004
On the phone with Atzei (Sculpture of...) 23rd April 2004
Untitled (Marconi) 24th April 2004
Tag your own car! 25th April 2004
Life does have a purpose 26th April 2004
Six minutes to midnight and yet no work 27th April 2004
A funny lawyer 28th April 2004
A logo like a fucking Branca Menta 28th April 2004
Like a hole but with colors 28th April 2004
Minimal 28th April 2004
Troppo Magro 28th April 2004
New 29th April 2004
Bellissimo Mon Amour 30th April 2004
Ball 30th April 2004

Untitled running photograph 1st May 2004
Fino a che punto ha fatto progresso... 2nd May 2004
Portrait of the prize by memory 3rd May 2004
First International Stefano Pasquini... 4th May 2004
Where you can't reach your camera can 5th May 2004
Arte in Cantiere 5th May 2004
ZALog2004.05.05.txt 6th May 2004
Sally’s house is full of laughter 7th May 2004
Hat 8th May 2004
Growing 9th May 2004
Dogs 10th May 2004
Flag Projects 11th May 2004
Pavesi 12th May 2004
Playlife 13th May 2004
Maximal Rest 13th May 2004
Homage à D&MR 14th May 2004
3000 F.F 15th May 2004
The reason I don't know 16th May 2004
Igbo Cultural Calendar 17th May 2004
First Gocco 18th May 2004
Fragmentation of Experience 19th May 2004
Missing You 19th May 2004
The House 20th May 2004
Glove Brick Golf Ball 20th May 2004
Hi There 21st May 2004
Goodbye, my Love 21st May 2004
Tag This 22nd May 2004
Tag Pighi 22nd May 2004
Tag This (2) 23rd May 2004
Tag Pighi (2) 23rd May 2004
Untitled Blue Picture 23rd May 2004
Carlo Sabbadini, Organaro 24th May 2004
A Distinct Possibility 25th May 2004
Project for something quite big that possibly... 25th May 2004
Acrylic Sample 25th May 2004
Framing Cyclamen (1.50 Euro Disappearing... 26th May 2004
Quite Particular 27th May 2004
Stop Bullshit 28th May 2004
Light 29th May 2004
Hello 29th May 2004
Dark Landscape 29th May 2004
Bad Day Drawing 30th May 2004
Making Passatelli 31st May 2004

Freitag Dreamscreen 1st June 2004
Nese 2nd June 2004
Momentary Home Sculpture 3rd June 2004
Arte Poverissima 3rd June 2004
Mobile Memory 4th June 2004
Almost Erwin Wurm 5th June 2004
Untitled (Platform 1) 5th June 2004
Under the Bridge 6th June 2004
Quite Cold Face 7th June 2004
Non si capiscono i concetti 8th June 2004
Impegnati sul futuro 8th June 2004
10 Seconds 9th June 2004
Fuckin' Grabbin' Frames 10th June 2004
Foreigners Writing English 11th June 2004
Untitled Portrait like a bag 12th June 2004
Acrobat Reader 13th June 2004
Hello, Play with me 14th June 2004
Gibellina Cover 15th June 2004
Found Polaroid of a found wheel 16th June 2004
Standing in the middle of the motorway 17th June 2004
Non ne ho voglia 18th June 2004
Lost it 19th June 2004
Qui 20th June 2004
Almost like another today 21st June 2004
Happy 4 Good 22nd June 2004
Droste Effect Cinema 23rd June 2004
Annalisa’s Doll 24th June 2004
No use for an artist 25th June 2004
Transparent Barbara 25th June 2004
Musichette un po’ cazzute per il... 26th June 2004
Filming Eva & Enrico 27th June 2004
Broken Heart 28th June 2004
Untitled Nickelodeon Photograph with... 28th June 2004
Bologna 29th June 2004
Free Art (Take me Home) 30th June 2004

Foreigners Speakin’ English 1st July 2004
Free Art (Take me home) 2nd July 2004
Free Art (Take me home) 3rd July 2004
Untitled Temporary Installation 3rd July 2004
Monster (3D) 4th July 2004
Untitled Floor Night Image 4th July 2004
Untitled Night Image 5th July 2004
Free Art for Patty 5th July 2004
The Invisible Artist 5th July 2004
Salus 6th July 2004
Sagan 7th July 2004
Gas Reading Tradition 7th July 2004
Untitled Night Floor Photograph 8th July 2004
Friendly Text 9th July 2004
Artists of the World unite! 10th July 2004
Fountain Boys 10th July 2004
Happy Bank 10th July 2004
You? 11th July 2004
Means Fuck All 12th July 2004
Archive (by Giorgio Sadotti) 12th July 2004
This is not the Right Moment for Something... 12th July 2004
Pay the Artist You Cunt 13th July 2004
Too Many Nuts 13th July 2004
Everyday Cock 14th July 2004
Puppet Without a Name 15th July 2004
Giorgio 15th July 2004
Double Crisis 16th July 2004
Ma e’ nato Braian 17th July 2004
Sore 17th July 2004
Painful 18th July 2004
The Waiting 18th July 2004
Yumi 19th July 2004
Red Spot 19th July 2004
Sleepy Feet 20th July 2004
Chanson Pour Yumi 21st July 2004
Rebus 21st July 2004
Vietato legare le Biciclette nei Telefoni 22nd July 2004
Almost an Abstract Installation 23rd July 2004
Artisti e Imprenditori 24th July 2004
Like a Child, but smaller 25th July 2004
Family Outing 26th July 2004
It’s hard to care when you don’t care! 27th July 2004
Too Fuckin Formal 28th July 2004
Flying Asleep over the rooms 29th July 2004
Red Dress 30th July 2004
Jean Paul says 31st July 2004

Family Portrait 1st August 2004
Weird Time 2nd August 2004
Klipette 3rd August 2004
Free Art - Take me home 3rd August 2004
Hand Laminating july 3rd August 2004
Natural Anniversary 3rd August 2004
Untitled Poser Image 4th August 2004
Green Dress 4th August 2004
Barbapapa 5th August 2004
Untitled Landscape 6th August 2004
Coat of Arms 7th August 2004
Almost a Fpincell Photograph 8th August 2004
It’s great to guess her thoughts 9th August 2004
Almost a TV Set 10th August 2004
Killer 11th August 2004
You Have to Suffer for your Art 11th August 2004
YP and MB 12th August 2004
Untitled 13th August 2004
Free Art (Take me Home) 14th August 2004
Dress for Yumi 15th August 2004
A Skirt for Irena 15th August 2004
Pokemon Photo 16th August 2004
Free Art (Take me Home) 17th August 2004
Almost a Landscape 18th August 2004
The Formal Stick 19th August 2004
No. 40 20th August 2004
City Poplin 21st August 2004
Andrea’s Kite 22nd August 2004
Esso 23rd August 2004
A little grain of sand 24th August 2004
Cinquecento 25th August 2004
Flip Flops 26th August 2004
It’s never what it feels like 27th August 2004
Pay the Artist 27th August 2004
Untitled Headless Photograph 28th August 2004
Did it rain or did sunshine 29th August 2004
Mickey Martin 30th August 2004
Thick 31st August 2004

Untitled Scan 1st September 2004
Keep Working 2nd September 2004
The Doraemon Project 3rd September 2004
Bisogna Lavorare 4th September 2004
The Gallery 5th September 2004
Stacey Lauer by Daniel Cooper 6th September 2004
Folgarida 7th September 2004
Strange Lights 8th September 2004
The Tree Project 9th September 2004
Untitled Night Photograph 9th September 2004
Artforum Thoughts 10th September 2004
Sticking Claudio 10th September 2004
Untitled Bathroom Photograph 10th September 2004
Dear John 11th September 2004
New! 12th September 2004
The Room of the Tired People 12th September 2004
The Printed Ear 13th September 2004
Free Art (Take me home) 14th September 2004
Prova Copertina 15th September 2004
Otel 15th September 2004
Almost a Videobservatory 15th September 2004
Audience 15th September 2004
Don’t you tell me you’re back... 16th September 2004
Prova Copertina (Feet) 17th September 2004
Fai poco lo sgaragino 18th September 2004
Yesterday’s Dragon 19th September 2004
Arte Gratis (Portami a casa) 20th September 2004
Little Traces 21st September 2004
Free Art (Take me home) 22nd September 2004
About to become 23rd September 2004
Stolen Wood Sculpture 23rd September 2004
Polsa 24th September 2004
About to wake a cat 25th September 2004
Ok, it’s today 26th September 2004
Non mi sento be 27th September 2004
Untitled Funerary Photograph 28th September 2004
Useless Boring Shot 29th September 2004
Nothing Hurts 29th September 2004
Stolen Flour 30th September 2004

Useless Train Photograph 1st October 2004
Like a Superflex event in via della Spiga 1st October 2004
Antonia Lucchese 2nd October 2004
Home Stairs 2nd October 2004
Pic Nic 3rd October 2004
Unopened Mail 4th October 2004
Job image, today 5th October 2004
The Dirt of Love 6th October 2004
Love 7th October 2004
0410080061.jpg 8th October 2004
Marble Yumi Studies 9th October 2004
The Gilbert and George Freitag Cardboard TV 10th October 2004
Water, and lots of it 11th October 2004
Non aveva ancora 14 anni 12th October 2004
The Fuck I Shag You 12th October 2004
Untitled 12th October 2004
The Baby Doll Collector 13th October 2004
The Murder 14th October 2004
Three Untitled Egyptian Collages 14th October 2004
Batteries 15th October 2004
The Meeting 15th October 2004
Fast Pace 16th October 2004
Red Shoes 16th October 2004
Mask No. 1 17th October 2004
Push 18th October 2004
What is Kirk doing here 18th October 2004
Po 19th October 2004
Dark 20th October 2004
Like a car, but smaller 21st October 2004
Stripes 21st October 2004
No 22nd October 2004
Negozio (Project for an Exhibtion) 23rd October 2004
Free Art (Take me away) 24th October 2004
Michael 24th October 2004
Fast Fish 24th October 2004
Scared 25th October 2004
Arrampicata 25th October 2004
Untitled 26th October 2004
Countries 27th October 2004
Untitled B/W 27th October 2004
Cesare Pietroiusti is not art 27th October 2004
Man Ray Clouds 28th October 2004
Monument 28th October 2004
Margarina 29th October 2004
Zelfish 30th October 2004
Like Ice 30th October 2004
Pink Bear 31st October 2004
Portrait of a City I like 31st October 2004

Drawing Yumi 1st November 2004
Unknown People on the Floor 1st November 2004
Sure Why Not 2nd November 2004
An Incredible Fuckin’ Awful Day 3rd November 2004
Untitled Insect Photograph 4th November 2004
Shop Shit 5th November 2004
Teddy Head 6th November 2004
Untitled Hole Photograph 7th November 2004
Qirat Ziza 8th November 2004
Negozio 9th November 2004
Fuck Nokia 9th November 2004
Fine 9th November 2004
Welcome 10th November 2004
Guido è il mio grande fratello 11th November 2004
Surprise Envelops 12th November 2004
Negozio 13th November 2004
Fashion Designer for a Day 14th November 2004
Last Entrance 15th November 2004
Fake Disaster Photograph 16th November 2004
Timelacker 17th November 2004
Sorry 17th November 2004
Untitled Queen 17th November 2004
The Big Circus of Ideas of the Contemporary... 18th November 2004
Untitled Found 1922 Drawing 19th November 2004
Japan Massage 20th November 2004
I Like Judith 21st November 2004
Sorry Everybody 22nd November 2004
Untitled Funerary Signs 23rd November 2004
Untitled Funerary Landscape 23rd November 2004
Teddy Bear Model 23rd November 2004
23:24 24th November 2004
Not Much Will 25th November 2004
Untitled Movement Image 26th November 2004
Untitled Chinese Battery 27th November 2004
Untitled Concrete Fossil 28th November 2004
Untitled Landscape Girl 28th November 2004
Stealing Off the Internet 29th November 2004
Videos Without a Camera 30th November 2004

Untitled Collage (30 to go) 1st December 2004
If You want me to Paint I can Paint 2nd December 2004
Invitation Thoughts 3rd December 2004
Invite 3rd December 2004
Stickboy 4th December 2004
Birthday 5th December 2004
Commissioned Digital Image Files 6th December 2004
I Think so Not 7th December 2004
You’re going nowhere 8th December 2004
Untitled Light Image 9th December 2004
Artists 10th December 2004
2004 (catalogue) 11th December 2004
Untitled Sad Character 11th December 2004
Almost a Caravaggio 11th December 2004
Untitled Sea Painting 12th December 2004
Was it a pear 12th December 2004
The Real Question 13th December 2004
Pretty Inexpensive Art (Buy me now) 13th December 2004
She likes John Denver 14th December 2004
Untitled Light Photograph 15th December 2004
Nobody Feels Any Pain 16th December 2004
Untitled Lonely Man 17th December 2004
Untitled Lonely Man (2) 17th December 2004
Untitled Lonely Woman 17th December 2004
Untitled Lonely Men 17th December 2004
Abstracto Fantastico 17th December 2004
Holy Bible 17th December 2004
Il Re dell’Arte 17th December 2004
Like a Cartoon 17th December 2004
So they were 17 17th December 2004
Today Like a Child 17th December 2004
Untitled Independent Line 17th December 2004
Yes it Does 17th December 2004
Mario Merz Wrong 17th December 2004
Untitled Landscape 17th December 2004
Untitled Photocopy Dated Today 17th December 2004
Untitled Stolen Drawing 17th December 2004
Untitled Stolen Paper Sculpture 17th December 2004
Piano Americano 18th December 2004
Tutti in Piedi 18th December 2004
Another Duck 19th December 2004
Il Rivelacarta 20th December 2004
Unrealizeable Project A000014: Mount Casco 21st December 2004
Father Christmas 22nd December 2004
I shall miss this 22nd December 2004
The Birthday Faraway Landscape 23rd December 2004
Blood for Oil 24th December 2004
Scar Sky 24th December 2004
Almost 13x18 24th December 2004
A Distinct Possibility 25th December 2004
Night Lighter 25th December 2004
Day Lighter 26th December 2004
Little Symbolic Drawing 26th December 2004
Cemetery Evening 27th December 2004
Another Painted Knight Templar 27th December 2004
Keep Leaving Your Finger 28th December 2004
Untitled Angry Iron Object 29th December 2004
Chinese Drug 29th December 2004
Oil Paint One 29th December 2004
Unthinkable the Day after Tomorrow 30th December 2004
Project for FC (The Performance Year) 31st December 2004
Real Hard 31st December 2004
Biscein Vi Saluta 31st December 2004

All works (or most of them) are © Stefano Pasquini 2004.